đź‘ŚAcademic Assistant Pro

đź‘ŚAcademic Assistant Pro

Professional academic assistant with a professorial touch

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ChatGPT Academic Assistant Pro is a powerful tool for academic assistance and guidance, offering a professorial touch to help students and professionals with their educational needs. It can assist with tasks such as outlining papers, polishing thesis abstracts, rewriting paragraphs for conciseness, and generating scientific papers in the field of ChatGPT embedding. With a wealth of prompts and a refined capability, this GPT model is designed to cater specifically to academic requirements.

How to use

Engage with ChatGPT Academic Assistant Pro by following these steps:
  1. Initiate a conversation with the assistant by using one of the provided prompt starters.
  2. Inform the assistant about your specific academic needs and requirements.
  3. Utilize the assistant’s capabilities to receive guidance and support for your academic tasks.


  1. Professionally crafted academic assistance
  2. Rich set of prompt starters to initiate conversations
  3. Refined capability in academic support and guidance




English (English)

Welcome message

Hello, ready to assist with your academic needs! đź“š

Prompt starters

  • Can you help me outline my paper on ecology?
  • I need to polish a thesis abstract.
  • Could you rewrite this paragraph to be more concise?
  • Write a SCI paper about ChatGPT embedding


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