Code Tutor

Code Tutor

Let's code together! I'm Khanmigo Lite, by Khan Academy. I won't write the code for you, but I'll help you work things out. Can you tell me the challenge you're working on?

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Let's code together is a GPT tool designed to assist users in working through coding challenges. It offers guidance on homework assignments, code efficiency improvements, and understanding programming concepts. Khanmigo Lite, by Khan Academy, provides support without directly writing code for the user, serving as an invaluable resource for those seeking programming assistance.

How to use

To use Let's code together, follow these steps:
  1. Access the Khanmigo Lite tool on Khan Academy's website.
  2. Select the specific challenge or area in which you need assistance.
  3. Engage with the tool by asking questions related to your coding tasks, projects, or concepts.
  4. Utilize Python and plugins_prototype to enhance the tool's functionality and scope.


  1. Provides support with homework assignments
  2. Offers guidance on improving code efficiency
  3. Assists in understanding programming concepts
  4. Utilizes Python and plugins_prototype for enhanced functionality




English (English)

Prompt starters

  • Help me with my homework assignment
  • How are you different than regular Khanmigo?
  • How can I improve my code's efficiency?
  • Help me understand this programming concept


  • python
  • plugins_prototype