AskYourPDF Research Assistant

AskYourPDF Research Assistant

Automate your research with AI, Chat multiple files (Unlimited PDFs), Generate articles/essays with valid citations, ChatPDF, Analyse and generate references for papers, create and interact with a knowledge base of your files and much more using AskYourPDF.

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The AskYourPDF Research Assistant is a powerful tool for enhancing academic research productivity, providing seamless integration with multiple files, ChatPDF functionality, article generation with citations, analysis and generation of paper references, and knowledge base interaction. It facilitates efficient organization and management of research material, significantly streamlining the research process, ultimately contributing to academic excellence.

How to use

To utilize the AskYourPDF Research Assistant, users can follow these steps:
  1. Access the AskYourPDF Research Assistant platform.
  2. Upload or import relevant research files and documents.
  3. Utilize the ChatPDF function for engaging with the research material and generating articles with citations.
  4. Analyze and generate references for papers as required.
  5. Engage with the knowledge base to effectively manage and interact with uploaded files and data.


  1. Seamless integration with multiple files
  2. ChatPDF functionality for article generation with citations
  3. Analysis and generation of paper references
  4. Ability to create and interact with a knowledge base of research files





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  • Write me an essay on the effects of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT on education


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