Generate Example Instagram Carousel Themes

character: designer,social media manager
category: Social/Community/Media
161 tokens
Generate an example of an Instagram carousel theme, along with title explanations for each slide.
Write me an Instagram carousel topic idea example. Write me also slide by slide with titles. Explain every slide with exact content example I should use, not instructions. Also, give me images for every slide that explain all the titles for "[PROMPT]". Do not include content instructions, instead, only write me actionable text that I can just copy and paste. After writing the carousel slides, add a separator at the end. Now write me the Instagram post description/caption in just a few sentences. Format every new sentence with new lines so the text is more readable. Include emojis and the best Instagram hashtags for that post. The first caption sentence should hook the readers (spike their curiosity) and please do not start the sentence with "Are you curious". write all output in [TARGETLANGUAGE]