Humanizer Content

Humanizer Content

Transforms text into human-like, AI-detector-proof content.

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Planmore's Humanizer Content offers a cutting-edge solution to transform text into human-like, AI-detector-proof content. By leveraging a combination of natural language generation and advanced AI capabilities, the tool ensures that the output is not only human-readable but also excels in terms of search engine optimization. In addition, it provides comprehensive support for various languages and expressions to cater to a global audience. The tool's ability to adapt content to different writing styles and tones makes it an invaluable asset for content creators, marketers, and businesses aiming to enhance their online visibility and engagement. With its latest updates and integration of state-of-the-art models and algorithms, it stands as a reliable resource for crafting top-tier content that resonates with both human readers and search engine algorithms.

How to use

To utilize Planmore's Humanizer Content effectively, follow these steps:
  1. Access the tool through the provided interface or API integration.
  2. Input the desired text or content that needs humanization.
  3. Choose from the available prompts to specify the required style adjustments or expressions.
  4. Review and download the transformed content in human-written style.


  1. Transforms text to human-like, AI-detector-proof content
  2. Supports integration with various programming tools such as Python and DALL·E
  3. Provides options to adapt content to different writing styles and tones
  4. Facilitates the incorporation of personal touches in the content
  5. Delivers content suitable for search engine optimization and online engagement




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Welcome message

Hello! I specialize in crafting human-like content.

Prompt starters

  • Convert this text to human-written style:
  • Incorporate a personal touch in this content:
  • Adapt this to UK English with natural expressions:
  • Rewrite this to pass AI content detectors:


  • python
  • dalle
  • browser