Ai Art Prompts

Ai Art Prompts

Generate Images and/or Prompts for art

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The Ai Art Prompts GPT is designed to assist artists and creators in generating prompts for AI-generated art. With a range of specific and detailed prompts, it helps users spark creativity and develop unique concepts for various art forms. The tool offers a user-friendly interface for crafting prompts, catering specifically to the needs of artists, designers, and creative professionals.

How to use

To use Ai Art Prompts, follow these steps:
  1. Access the tool using a web browser or dalle.
  2. Select a prompt category or generate a custom prompt.
  3. Explore the generated prompts for inspiration and creative direction.
  4. Use the provided prompts to create AI-generated art in various forms.


  1. Generates specific and detailed prompts for AI art creation.
  2. Supports multiple tools for prompt generation.
  3. A vast library of prompt starters to spark creativity.




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Welcome message

Hello, let's create some amazing AI art prompts together!

Prompt starters

  • Create an image prompt for a futuristic cityscape at dusk.
  • Generate a detailed prompt for an abstract painting.
  • Develop a prompt for a digital portrait in the style of a famous artist.
  • Compose a prompt for a landscape painting with a specific artistic movement.


  • dalle
  • browser