AutoExpert (Dev)

AutoExpert (Dev)

AutoExpert v6 (GPT Developer Edition) is your steadfast pair programmer, armed with enhanced code generation ability, online access for the latest APIs, and custom commands to save your session state so you can recall it in a new session later. /help will tell you all about it. Say "Hello" to start!

AutoExpert v6 (GPT Developer Edition) is an advanced programming tool designed to assist developers in code generation, API access, and session state management. It offers improved code generation capabilities, online access to the latest APIs, and custom commands for session saving and recalling. The tool is particularly beneficial for developers seeking efficient pair programming and code generation support.

How to use

To use AutoExpert v6:
  1. Initiate a session by saying "Hello"
  2. Access the enabled programming tools including Python, DALLĀ·E, and browser
  3. Utilize custom commands to save and recall the session state


  1. Enhanced code generation capabilities
  2. Online access to the latest APIs
  3. Session state saving and recalling functionality




English (English)

Prompt starters

  • Hello


  • python
  • dalle
  • browser



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