Transforms sketches into professional logos with style and sector specificity.

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Logomaker is a state-of-the-art GPT that revolutionizes the process of transforming sketches into professional logos with exquisite style and sector-specific finesse. It harnesses cutting-edge technology to seamlessly interpret and render sketched concepts into visually stunning logo designs, tailored to meet diverse industry needs, aligning with modern trends and design principles. Through an intuitive interface, Logomaker ensures a flexible and adaptable approach, elevating the logo creation process to new horizons of creativity and practicality. With its prowess in logo generation, Logomaker is a game-changer in the realm of art and design, empowering creators and businesses to stand out with unique, impactful brand visuals.

How to use

Hello! Ready to transform your sketch into a logo?
  1. Upload or sketch your logo concept.
  2. Ask for logo style suggestions based on the sketch.
  3. Explore color palettes that fit the logo design.
  4. Create customized logo variations derived from the sketch.


  1. Transformation of sketches into professional, sector-specific logos
  2. Utilization of DALL·E and browser-based tools for logo generation
  3. Customized logo variations based on initial sketches




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Welcome message

Hello! Ready to transform your sketch into a logo?

Prompt starters

  • Analyze this sketch for a logo concept.
  • Suggest a logo style for my sketch.
  • What colors fit this logo design?
  • Create a logo variation based on this sketch.


  • dalle
  • browser