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The best AI research assistant for students and researchers. With access to 300M+ papers, HIX Scholar helps you get science-based answers, engagement in essay collaboration, supporting and opposing evidences.

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HIX Scholar is a highly advanced AI research assistant tool developed by hix.ai. It offers access to over 300 million papers and serves as a valuable resource for students and researchers. Users can seek science-based answers, participate in essay collaboration, and explore supporting and opposing evidence on various topics. One can request information on gene therapy for cancer, the latest research on climate change, the impact of meditation on mental health, or studies on the benefits of a plant-based diet. This innovative tool is designed to enhance the research experience and provide comprehensive academic support.

How to use

To use HIX Scholar, follow these steps:
  1. Access the HIX Scholar platform or use the provided browser and plugins_prototype tools.
  2. Enter the desired research query or prompt related to the topic of interest.
  3. Review the results to gain access to valuable scientific information and resources.


  1. The tool offers access to over 300 million papers for comprehensive research support.
  2. HIX Scholar enables collaboration on essays, allowing users to explore supporting and opposing evidence.
  3. Users can seek science-based answers to their queries and gain insights into various research topics.




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Welcome message

Hello, I'm HIX Scholar, your research assistant.

Prompt starters

  • Can you find papers on gene therapy for cancer?
  • What is the latest research on climate change?
  • How does meditation impact mental health?
  • Are there any studies on the benefits of a plant-based diet?


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