Scholar AI Pro ⭐️

Scholar AI Pro ⭐️

An enhanced scholar gpt version that can do research, write SCI paper with real refenences. You can search 216,189,020 papers from all fields of science.

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Scholar GPT Pro is an enhanced scholar GPT version that offers the ability to conduct research and write scientific papers with real references. With access to a vast database of over 216 million papers covering all fields of science, this tool is invaluable for researchers, academics, and professionals seeking in-depth scholarly insights. It is a highly advanced platform suitable for a wide range of professional fields, providing comprehensive capabilities for scholarly writing and research.

How to use

To use Scholar GPT Pro, follow these steps:
  1. Access the tool via a web browser.
  2. Choose from prompt starters for research and writing topics.
  3. Utilize the platform to search for and access papers related to the chosen topic.


  1. Ability to conduct research and write scholarly papers with real references.
  2. Access to a vast database of over 216 million papers covering all fields of science.
  3. Enhanced capabilities for in-depth scholarly insights and comprehensive writing and research.




English (English)

Prompt starters

  • Write a SCI paper about llama2 model.
  • Write a literature review related to ChatGPT.
  • What is FlashAttention 2 ?
  • Find some paper about ChatGPT RLHF.


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