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The Universal Primer is a comprehensive source for learning about a wide range of topics, catering to the needs of writers, developers, marketers, and individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge in various domains. Packed with insightful information and tools, this platform is designed to expand users' understanding and improve their skills.

How to use

To use the Universal Primer, follow these steps:
  1. Access the website or API and browse through the available prompt starters.
  2. Choose a topic or query relevant to your interests or learning objectives.
  3. Submit the prompt and generate insightful content or information using the provided tools.


  1. Comprehensive coverage of diverse subjects
  2. Access to a variety of prompt starters to spark creativity and learning
  3. Updated GPT capabilities that ensure relevance and accuracy




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Prompt starters

  • Explain how Transformers work in LLMs.
  • Teach me React and Redux.
  • How does a Kalman filter work?
  • How is the Navier Stokes equation derived?


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