Logo Artist Assistant

Logo Artist Assistant

Making logos easy.

Logo Artist Assistant is a cutting-edge GPT designed to make logo creation easy and efficient. It leverages advanced algorithms and tools to offer a seamless experience for designing logos for a variety of businesses and industries.

How to use

  1. Access the Logo Artist Assistant platform.
  2. Input a prompt related to the type of logo needed.
  3. Review the generated logo designs for inspiration and direction.
  4. Select the most fitting logo design for your project.
  5. Download the chosen design and utilize it in your branding strategies.


  1. Employs DALL·E and browser-based tools for logo creation.
  2. Regularly updated to incorporate the latest advancements in logo design technology.
  3. Offers a wide array of prompt starters for diverse business types and industries.
  4. Provides a welcoming environment for users to engage in logo creation.




English (English)

Prompt starters

  • A bakery.
  • A tech company. Sleek and futuristic.
  • Something about space.
  • A coffee shop.


  • dalle
  • browser